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We donate all our profits to charities like Oxfam New Zealand

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Terrible Talk was created to promote equality around the world. Nearly every kiwi uses or has access to the internet using broadband. If you purchase your broadband, or encourage others to do so, via us, then you can help the charities we support make a difference! In return we'll provide you with the most unique, reactive, and incredibly reliable service.

All our plans have free calls to landlines and mobiles anywhere in the world plus 20 free smart features like, Cloud Voicemail, Caller ID, Multi Site and more.

Confused about which plan is best for you? Then drop us a line.

  • 150GB Naked Plan
  • 150GB  Plan
  • Unlimited Naked Plan
  • Unlimited Plan
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FREE install on naked broadband, when transferring from your existing provider
All other plans have a one off $149.00 connection fee.
Pricing displayed is for ADSL, add $10 for VDSL
UFB 100/20 add $20,UFB 100/100 add $30, UFB 200/20MBPS add $60.00, for UFB 200/200MBPS add $90.0
Prompt Payments is defined as all funds received within three days, we suggest using a standing arrangement
All lines with phone are installed with wiring insurance as standard, when prompt payment is waived.
All prices displayed include GST